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Youth Forward is about promoting opportunities for youth in North Dakota. We want you to build your future right here, with us. If you’ve got something of interest to say, we want to hear it. Do you want to share your experiences of working or living in North Dakota? Have you found an opportunity of a lifetime in ND? Drop Youth Forward an e-mail at youthforward@nd.gov to let us know you’ve got a story to tell.

Youth ForwardAbout Youth Forward

Youth Forward is anything and everything that connects people ages 14-24 to a future in North Dakota. It’s easy to overlook opportunities in your own state when you don’t know they exist. Youth Forward works to promote jobs, entertainment, education, and more opportunities for youth looking to stay in North Dakota. We reach out to youth in variety of ways – especially through social networks where young people are already interacting. We’re like your new BFF.

About the Youth Office

In September 2009, Governor John Hoeven announced the establishment of the North Dakota Youth Office, located within the North Dakota Department of Commerce. It was designed to invite young people to stay in North Dakota and to incorporate existing youth-related programs under one office. The Governor charged the Youth Office with spearheading Youth Forward and outlined four specific goals:
1. Improve awareness among young people of promising North Dakota careers.
2. Identify needs and gaps in existing youth programs and activities.
3. Leverage the expertise and increase cooperation between people who are currently providing programs to youth.
4. Establish a statewide “home,” or clearing house, for information and services for young people and a process for youth input.

The North Dakota Department of Commerce Department has increased outreach to young people through Operation Intern, Career Awareness and WebfairND programs, and the Youth Forward initiative is an extension of that work.

About the Youth Council

In the 2009 legislature, Senate Bill 1463 created a North Dakota Youth Council charged with developing a list of issues and concerns pertinent to residents of this state who have not yet reached the age of 25. The Youth Council consisted of 16 North Dakotans ages 17-24 from all areas of the state, as well as four legislators appointed by the majority and minority leaders of both houses. The members of the Youth Council met numerous times to refine ideas and also sought input from various student organizations and social media outlets. The Council’s activities were coordinated out of the Youth Office at the Department of Commerce under the Youth Forward initiative.

Some of the report’s top ideas include:
• Sustaining the ACT ND scholarship program, which provides students with up to $1,500 per academic year to attend a North Dakota college
• Creating a virtual high school for scholars, which will provide additional online classes for high school students
• Improving academic advising in both high school and college
• Creating one central website for internships, scholarships and other resources for young people

The report was provided to the Governor, Legislature and various state agencies, communities and entities, such as the State Board of Higher Education, for consideration. To view the entire report, click here.

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