Affordable Living

If you make $100,000 a year in New York City, you would only have to earn $60,657 to maintain the same standard of living in Bismarck; or $55,415 in Fargo.

North Dakota’s cost of living means your money goes farther than in other parts of the country. According to the ACCRA cost of living index ( based on a score of 100), Bismarck-Mandan has a cost-of-living score of 95.3, – 4.7 below the national average. Compare that to:

  •    Denver  103.2
  •    Detroit 99.4
  •    Minneapolis 111.0
  •    New York (Brooklyn) 181.7
  •    Orange County, CA 146.4


HouseHouses cost less.  Compare a $100,000 market value house in Minot to:

  •     $237,349.00 in Minneapolis, Minnesota,
  •     $156,627.00 in Denver, Colorado, and
  •     $522,892.00 in San Francisco, California


North Dakota is a great place to live, work and play. Explore what North Dakota has to offer by visiting Find the Good Life in North Dakota . Here you can search jobs, housing, different cities to live in, and things to do.

Save Time, Save Money!Car Driving

According to the United States Census Bureau, the average commute in North Dakota to get to work is 16 minutes, compared to the national average of 25.4 minutes.

Be Happy!

Smile big! North Dakota is ranked #1 in the 2013 Gallup Poll’s Well-Being index. North Dakota was also ranked as the top state in both work environment and physical health.

Save Money, Make Money!

With the lowest unemployment rate  in the U.S., North Dakota is weathering the economic storm better than most. According to the Business Insider, North Dakota has several positives leading to this success.  The economy has grown faster than other states. Property taxes are relatively low and income taxes have seen a decrease. The average annual income has increased to $51,893.  North Dakota is also the leader for the fifth consecutive year in job creation according to the Gallup Job Creation Index.


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