Dual Credit Program

Dual CreditParents who want to save money, and high school juniors and seniors who want to get some college courses under their belt will benefit from the dual credit program signed into law by the 1997 North Dakota Legislature.

Students have always been able to take college courses for credit – as additions to their high school workload. With the dual credit plan, the college class is a replacement rather than an addition. Students take just one class – the college class – and get both high school and college credit for it. For more information visit the NDUS website.

The Bank of North Dakota offers education loans for dual credit courses. Students can take up to two college courses per school year for free by applying for the dual credit assistance. Students are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

1. You need to be a sophomore, junior or senior attending a North Dakota high school.

2.  The school district superintendent or designee must approve of you taking the course. In most cases, you’ll visit with a guidance counselor or principal first.

3.  You need to qualify for Free or Reduced Price Lunch.


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