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North Dakota industries are thriving with opportunities for newcomers to the workforce or those looking for a fresh new beginning. What career interests you? How do you plan on getting there? Look no further to find information on the key industries that are making North Dakota the #1 state for jobs (Yahoo Finance) and the #1 state for young people (MoneyRates.com).

Check out the different ways you can find your calling:

Many professionsCareer Conversations: Career Conversations connects students, parents and educators to professionals with perspectives on life in high-demand careers. Professionals from across North Dakota are featured in short videos profiling their occupation, how they started their career and advice for youth interested in their chosen career path.

Careers by Education: Wondering what kind of careers require an Associate’s Degree. We’ve got the skinny on what kinds of careers you can have with varying degrees.

Careers by Industry: Looking for a career that offers plenty of growth and future opportunity here in North Dakota? Then look no further. We’ll cover the booming industries of North Dakota and what that can mean for you. While the energy industry field is strong, there are other fields you might want to consider.

Careers by Occupation: What does a Surgical Technologist do? Where do they work? What’s the salary like in North Dakota? How does the salary range in North Dakota compare to nationwide? Come check it out and we’ll find the answers together.

Entrepreneurship: Are you an inventor? Do you have a great idea of a business plan? Why work for someone else when you can be your own boss.  North Dakota has the resources to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Military Careers: If you want to serve your country why not make a career out of it?  Learn about North Dakota military careers and how you can join.

Other Resources: We’ve compiled a list of all the great resource out there designed to help you find guide your career exploration.

North Dakota has roughly 20,000 jobs openings and growing. We’re looking for dedicated workers who want to get in on a piece of the action in one of our many booming North Dakota industries.  Explore the site for more information on building your potential career in North Dakota.