Find an Internship

An internship is a form of reality based learning. Students receive hands on experience related to a chosen career field. This experience helps them decide if that career is for them early in their education so if it’s not a great match there is still time to adjust their major.

Student benefits:

  • College credit
  • Applying college coursework to the career world
  • Exploration of different career options
  • Exploration of companies
  • Develop new and define existing skills
  • Growth of professional network
  • Potential source of full time employment
  • Potential source of income

An internship is like a job. Students should be on time, dress appropriately, and perform at their best. These supervisors may provide important references in the future.

ND Job Service has become a local resource for both students to search out internships and for businesses to post their internship opportunities. Search for internships at