Make the Most of Your Internship

Landing an internship may have seemed like the hardest part, but now the real challenge lies ahead….

Show your employer you are a good employee by showing up when you are scheduled, being on time, using your time efficiently. Top Five Strategies for Making the Most of Your Internship.

Treat it like a real job. This might be the biggest key for many of those trying to convert their internships into paying jobs. If you approach your internship as though it’s not a real (i.e., paying) job, it may never become one.

Take notes. You may have to write a final paper when your internship is over, so don’t forget to jot down all of the duties you were assigned—even the most menial.

Take part in as many extra activities as possible. If your boss gives you the day off because they’re having in-office training, ask if you can come in anyway and take part. If everyone is going out to lunch to discuss a big client, ask if you can tag along. The more things you get to experience, the better. Making the Most of your Internship

Network, Network, Network. One of the key tools of job-hunting is utilizing your network to find your next career step, whether another internship or a job upon graduation (and beyond). Build professional relationships with your supervisor(s) and other managers in the organization. Making the Most of Your Internship(s)

Talk to your school’s internship advisor if the job is lacking. As an intern, you might be responsible for lowly jobs like going for coffee, but at the same time, that’s not all your job should be. Tips for Surviving an Internship


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