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 Youth Forward is anything and everything that connects people ages 14-24 to a future in North Dakota. It’s easy to overlook opportunities in your own state when you don’t know they exist. Youth Forward works to promote jobs, entertainment, education, and more opportunities for youth looking to stay in North Dakota. We reach out to youth in variety of ways – especially through social networks where young people are already interacting. We’re like your new BFF.

We want to educate you on the opportunities and possibilities your child can have, right here in North Dakota. So that when the time comes, your child can make the right decision about their future. Whether that is exploring interested careers, finding a college that offers a specific program, finding a career path, or keeping your child healthy and safe, we want to share with you some of the resources that can help build your child’s future in North Dakota.

Learn about North Dakota’s high demand careers from the professionals themselves. Career Conversations are short, 5 minute videos, of North Dakotan’s currently working in high demand careers. High demand occupations are those with positive growth rates and total opening ranked within the top quartile for all occupations.

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